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Laying a new lawn is  an exciting challenge as you will be able to see the benefits it will bring to your outside area.  Here at Oakley Turf Farm we want you to help you on your way.

Below is 2 big rules to follow before you order turf.

1) First of all make sure to order your turf for the day you are ready to lay it.

We advise all of our customers to ensure the ground is prepared or in the process of being prepared for when the turf is delivered.

Our turf is harvested directly from the field and delivered straight to your garden. The sooner your turf is laid, the quicker it can start rooting into its new home!

2) We also advise our customers to ensure they have a watering system in place. To properly water your turf, it’s important to use a sprinkler instead of relying solely on a hose or spray nozzle.

For more in depth advice please take a look guides below

If you have any turf questions, please email them to us at – our experts will be able to help you!


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Kids Nature Retreat

If you’re planning on a new children’s play area or planting area in your garden. Did you know you are starting your little ones on a nature journey?

You are setting out to create a safe and sometimes peaceful place in a natural environment where your children or grandchildren can enjoy themselves and explore the outdoors.


If you have the room, we will always advise you to section off an area that can be dedicated to the children’s swings, slides, or climbing frame, etc.

✅ Top Tip – We would recommend putting a membrane down first as this will help to suppress weeds and makes the area less muddy in wetter conditions.

Then add our Play Grade Bark or Play Grade Chip on top.

A lot of our customers ask us what the difference between our play grade chip and play grade bark is. Well it’s quite simple really: as the name suggests our play grade bark is from the outside of the tree (bark) and our play grade chip is from the inside of the tree.

This means our play grade chip can also be used on pathways or for mulching.

Our Play Grade Bark is ideal, for the customer who is looking for a more natural colour.

As always, our Play Grade Bark and Chips are all certified to British Standard BS EN 1177:2008.

If your little ones our eager to start planting we supply an amazing raised bed soil mix. It is great for when it comes to introducing the wonders of gardening to young minds. Our mix has the perfect blend of topsoil and compost for little hands eager to delve into the world of gardening, whether they’re potting up their first plant or helping to tend a raised bed.

The mix promotes healthy root development and robust plant growth, offering a rewarding gardening experience. By using our soil mix, kids not only learn about the importance of taking care of the environment but also gain a sense of achievement as they watch their plants grow. It’s a wonderful way to introduce them to the responsibilities and joys of gardening, all while using a product that’s safe, reliable.

If you have any questions on any of our products, please do not hesitate getting in contact with us via

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It’s Time To Add Mulch To The Garden

This month we are putting the spotlight on horticultural grit and the benefits it has in the garden.

Mulch: Mulching your garden beds can help retain moisture in the soil and regulate soil temperature.

Our customers love our decorative mulch – Horticultural Grit.

Our Horticultural Grit is particularly good if you have heavy clay soil. Clay soil is known for its fine particles and high water holding capacity, which makes it difficult for water to drain through it. When water cannot drain through the soil, it can lead to waterlogging, which can ultimately kill plants. Adding grit to the soil can help to create a more porous structure, as the coarse texture helps to break up clay soil allowing more space for air to flow and water to drain through.

Decorative mulch for beds and borders

Will help protect the root of the plants, enrich the soil and help to control weeds.


Adding our horticultural grit to your plant pots will improve drainage and allow more space for air to flow.

Its also great for filling joints between paving slabs!

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Keep The Nutrition Going


As the winter season is upon us, I wanted to share ways of keeping the nutrition in your soil during the winter months.  Nutrients are crucial to the health of your garden. Luckily here at Oakley Turf Farm we have some great soil improvers, and mulches to help keep your soil in tip top condition, ready for spring time.

Here are some tips to help you maintain the nutrient levels in your soil during the cold season:

Apply compost: compost is a great source of organic matter that can provide your soil with the necessary nutrients during winter. Applying compost in the winter will give it enough time to break down and release nutrients into the soil.

If you have acidic soil our organic mushroom compost is a great way of adding rich organic matter to your soil. It can improve weak soils, help break down heavy clay soils and improve water and nutrient retention.  Due to its ph being alkaline it also works well with flowers, vegetables, herbs and shrubs, as well as being totally organic.

Sometimes gardeners find their best growth and highest yields stems from adding manure to their compost/soil mix. Animal by-products not only add essential minerals, but  also a wide array of helpful bacteria to your garden.

Another simple way of adding nutrients to your garden is of course through creating your own compost from kitchen scraps, grass clippings, cardboard, etc. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, through creating a wormery.

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Which Bark Do You Need?

Now that the children have gone back to school, now is a great time to start working on your garden again.

If you’re looking to save time and money in the garden our bark is one of the best ways to get your garden looking tidier and better kept.

Did you know that bark is a mulch and when spread around and between plants, it helps to enrich and insulate the soil.

This means our barks help weed suppression by stopping the daylight from reaching the ground and in turn helps with water retention.

With our bark you simply spread the amount required across the desired area then rake it into place – no digging needed!

✅Handy Tip – if you do have any weeds in the ground, make sure you take them out by hand before spreading the bark.


We have a variety of different types of bark to suit your needs.


🌲 Bark Chippings

Is our go to product when a customer has a larger area to fill, or they prefer the look of a chunkier bark.

🌲 Fine Boarder Bark  and Decorative Bark

If you have a smaller area to cover or prefer a smaller bark these two products are great for your project.

They are perfect if you have smaller plants to go around.

🌲 Play Grade Bark and Play Grade Chip are ideal for children’s play areas. Now is a great time to top up your children’s play area before the Autumn/winter weather arrives.

If you’re looking for a durable chip to use on pathways we always recommend using our play grade chip. This is because the hardwood chip takes longer to break down compared to our barks.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please just email our team at and they will be more than happy to assist you.


Happy Gardening!

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The summer has finally arrived and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

One thing we have heard is that this summer, is set to be hotter than last years, according to the Met Office☀️

Did you know that the meteorological calendar for summer covers the duration of June, July and August, or by the astronomical calendar it begins on the 21st June, a day referred to as the summer solstice. The summer solstice marks the point when the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky.

Now is a good time to think about looking after yourself when you’re out in the heat in the garden.

Our top tips for keeping cool in the garden are:

✨Try and do your gardening in the early morning or late evening to avoid the hottest part of the day

👒 Always wear a wide brimmed summer hat to keep the sun off your head and face.

🚰 Have a bottle of cold water in an insulated bottle or keep your bottle in the shade.

⛱ Put all your tools in the shade when not using them.

Now sit back and relax and let Oakley Turf Farm do the hard work for you this summer!

With our moffetts (small forklift) we can easily deliver on gravel drives ways, slopes and narrow passages that a normal lorry can’t. If you have any delivery concerns when ordering just put your comments in the “additional information” section when at the checkout page.


Happy Gardening!

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Oakley Turf Farm Compost. Use it in your garden or allotment to see your best yield yet


Improve your garden or allotment soil with compost!


April is a good time to add a layer of compost to your beds, borders and fruit and veg plots. To help you get your best plant and food yields!

Why should you use compost in your garden or allotment?

There are so many benefits to using compost. It:

🌱  Adds nutrients and organic matter to your soil

🌱  Improves fertility and yields

🌱  Increases your soil’s physical structure and its workability

🌱  Aids water and nutrient retention

🌱  Improves weak soils and helps to break down heavy clay soils

Should you buy compost or make your own?

This is really a personal choice and can depend on how much space and time you have!

If you have room in your garden you may want to give over a corner of it for a compost heap or compost bin.

It’s a really handy way to recycle a lot of food, household and garden waste. 


You can add things like:

From the garden: Grass and hedge cuttings, weeds and nettles.

From the house: Teabags, eggshells, fruit and veg peelings, paper and cardboard.


It will take at least a few months before your compost is ready to use so it’s not an instant solution!


You can, of course, buy your compost ready-to-use.

This saves having to have a compost heap or bin in your garden. Which is especially good if you don’t have much space.

You also don’t need to tend to the compost or wait until it’s ready to use. You can collect or have it delivered and use it straight away!

Where can you buy great quality compost in Essex & Suffolk?

Well, as it happens, here at Oakley Turf Farm, we supply a range of fantastic composts, including:

🌱  Compost

🌱  Organic Mushroom Compost 

🌱  Horse Manure

🌱  Farm Yard Manure


Our compost is certified to a high-quality standard and is great for plants, shrubs, fruit and vegetables.

You can buy yours here.

Oakley Turf Farm Compost. Use it in your garden or allotment to see your best yield yet


🌱  We’d love to see your photos of your plants grown with Oakley Turf Farm soil improvers! You can email them to us or leave us a review or tag us on our social media pages.

Happy Gardening!

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Spring into action! March garden jobs and tips!


When the sun is shining, there’s no better place to be than in your own garden.

Whether you have a cottage garden, a backyard or several acres, you can make the most of your outdoor space.

Now is the perfect time to give your garden that all-important spring clean. It’s not just indoors that benefits from a bit of TLC this time of year!

And it’s something the whole family can get involved with.

Clean & tidy

🍂 Little ones can pick up any dead leaves and debris left over from autumn and winter.

While older ones can get stuck into the weeding.

Give them a little added incentive, by making it a competition to see who can pull up the most weeds in ten minutes! The winner gets an ice cream!

Weed beds and borders

Make do & mend

🔨 Fix anything that’s broken. Falling fences, the sagging shed roof etc. so everything is safe and in good repair for the coming year.

🖌️ Smarten up and protect fences and sheds with a coat of paint/wood treatment.

🧽 Clean the greenhouse inside and out, if you’re not using it yet.

March garden jobs and tips. Paint sheds and fences

Beds & Borders

🌲 If you haven’t already, add a thick layer of mulch to your beds and borders when the ground is moist.

It suppresses weeds by stopping the daylight from reaching the ground.

Mulch also creates a thermal layer in hot and cold weather and protects plant roots. So while it suppresses weeds, it actually helps your other plants to grow! 🌷

You’ll still need to weed every now and then. But nowhere near as often as if you don’t use a mulch layer!

🌲 Our specially-produced bark chips are great to use on your beds and borders. They aid weed suppression and water retention.

Add a thick layer of mulch to beds and borders

Plant the seed

🍓 Sow sweet peas and plant summer flowers, vegetables, and fruit.

March garden jobs and tips. Sow sweet peas and plant summer flowers, vegetables, and fruit

Lawn Care

🌱 If your lawn is looking a bit worse for wear after winter – DON’T PANIC!!

As the weather warms up in spring, lawns are great at repairing themselves.

We recommend giving lawns spring fertiliser. This will help them bounce back to life and prepare them well for the year ahead.

If any bare areas don’t repair themselves, add a small amount of seed and water it in.

🌱 If you’re laying a new turf lawn this year, spring is a great time to do it.

It’ll have time to establish strong roots and be healthy and strong when you come to use it much more in the summer.

It’s a good idea to add a layer of topsoil before you lay your turf, to keep your new lawn in great condition.

You can buy your turf and topsoil from us here.

Spring is a great time to lay a new turf lawn

Happy Gardening!





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February gardening jobs and tips!

February gardening jobs and tips!


There’s not an awful lot of gardening to do in February. But there are always a few jobs and preparation for spring and summer that you can do!

Lawn Care

🌱 Try to keep off frosty or waterlogged grass as much as you can to avoid damaging it.

🌱 Gently rake leaves and debris such as twigs from your lawn regularly. If left, they can create brown patches and even spread lawn disease.

Don’t forget the lawnmower!

🌱 Keeping your lawnmower in good condition will help to keep your lawn in good condition too!

Have your mower serviced and the blades sharpened regularly.

A sharp blade will cut the grass cleanly. Unlike a blunt blade that will tear it, which can cause it to turn brown or yellow.

If you don’t have the tools to service your mower yourself, your local tool hire company can often do this for you.

Lawnmower service


Beds & Borders

🌲 Late winter or early spring (before the weeds start to grow) is the ideal time to add a thick layer of mulch to your beds and borders.

Lay mulch is when the ground is moist.

It suppresses weeds by stopping the daylight from reaching the ground.

Mulch also creates a thermal layer in hot and cold weather and protects plant roots. So while it suppresses weeds, it actually helps your other plants to grow! 🌷

You’ll still need to weed every now and then, I’m afraid. But nowhere near as often as if you don’t use a mulch layer!

🌲 Our specially-produced bark chips are great to use on your beds and borders to aid weed suppression and water retention.

Oakley Turf Farm Bark Chips Mulch


Around the garden

✂️ Prune shrubs and climbers such as clematis, buddleia, hydrangea and roses.

🌷 Plant bulbs for summer flowers.

🌱 Sow sweet peas.

✔️ Prepare as much as possible now, so you can relax and enjoy your garden in the summer!

💐 And look out for daffodils and snowdrops, for the start of the stunning spring displays!

👀 Take a look around your garden for any other jobs to do when the weather warms up, such as lawn repairs. You can usually use grass seed to repair small damaged patches in your lawn. But for bigger areas, or an instant solution, new turf might be a better option.

Lawn repair using turf


Happy Gardening!

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Beat the Winter Blues & look after your lawn in winter!

Beat the Winter Blues & look after your lawn in winter! Oakley Turf Farm

Beat the Winter Blues & look after your lawn in winter!

Beat the Winter Blues

The dark and cold of winter can sometimes leave us feeling a bit gloomy, can’t it?!

So it’s important that we Beat those Winter Blues!

🧣 Wrap up warm and get outside as much as you can, even if it’s only for 10 minutes at a time. The difference a bit of sunshine and fresh air can make to your mood and health is amazing!

🏡 Stroll around your garden to simply enjoy it and/or plan it for the year ahead. To really warm up you could do a spot of light gardening or tidying!

🐦 Keep bird feeders and water baths topped up and clean. It’s a tough time of year for our feathered friends!

🛍️ Go for a browse around your local town or village shops. You might grab a bargain in the sales!

🥾 Pack a hot flask and a spot of lunch and go for a walk in one of your favourite places.

🐦 Listen to the birds sing and watch nature doing its’ thing. It’s just as fascinating in winter!

⛄ If it snows where you are, get out there and build a snowman or two or go sledging!

📷 Take photos to remember your day (if you can bear to take your gloves off!).

☕ And don’t forget to warm up with a mug of hot chocolate afterwards!


Winter Lawn Care

There’s a chance we’ll wake up to a few more frosty mornings before winter is out!

❄️ If your lawn is frosty, try to stay off it as much as possible, as walking on it can cause damage.

🌱 When the frost clears, gently rake leaves and debris from your lawn so the sun can reach it.

❄️ Clear any snow from your lawn so the sun can reach it, and the snow won’t damage it.


Stay Safe

🧹 Keep paths and patios safe to walk on by removing slippery moss and slime.

❄️ Stock up on De-Icing Rock Salt for your paths, driveway or patio. You can buy yours on our website in small or bulk bags.

❄️ Remove snow from hedges and greenhouses etc to prevent it from causing any damage.

🌲 Lay a good layer of Bark Chippings on wet and muddy gateways or unmade paths. It helps to absorb the water and makes paths easier and safer to walk on.


Happy Gardening!