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February gardening jobs and tips!

February gardening jobs and tips!


There’s not an awful lot of gardening to do in February. But there are always a few jobs and preparation for spring and summer that you can do!

Lawn Care

🌱 Try to keep off frosty or waterlogged grass as much as you can to avoid damaging it.

🌱 Gently rake leaves and debris such as twigs from your lawn regularly. If left, they can create brown patches and even spread lawn disease.

Don’t forget the lawnmower!

🌱 Keeping your lawnmower in good condition will help to keep your lawn in good condition too!

Have your mower serviced and the blades sharpened regularly.

A sharp blade will cut the grass cleanly. Unlike a blunt blade that will tear it, which can cause it to turn brown or yellow.

If you don’t have the tools to service your mower yourself, your local tool hire company can often do this for you.

Lawnmower service


Beds & Borders

🌲 Late winter or early spring (before the weeds start to grow) is the ideal time to add a thick layer of mulch to your beds and borders.

Lay mulch is when the ground is moist.

It suppresses weeds by stopping the daylight from reaching the ground.

Mulch also creates a thermal layer in hot and cold weather and protects plant roots. So while it suppresses weeds, it actually helps your other plants to grow! 🌷

You’ll still need to weed every now and then, I’m afraid. But nowhere near as often as if you don’t use a mulch layer!

🌲 Our specially-produced bark chips are great to use on your beds and borders to aid weed suppression and water retention.

Oakley Turf Farm Bark Chips Mulch


Around the garden

✂️ Prune shrubs and climbers such as clematis, buddleia, hydrangea and roses.

🌷 Plant bulbs for summer flowers.

🌱 Sow sweet peas.

✔️ Prepare as much as possible now, so you can relax and enjoy your garden in the summer!

💐 And look out for daffodils and snowdrops, for the start of the stunning spring displays!

👀 Take a look around your garden for any other jobs to do when the weather warms up, such as lawn repairs. You can usually use grass seed to repair small damaged patches in your lawn. But for bigger areas, or an instant solution, new turf might be a better option.

Lawn repair using turf


Happy Gardening!