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Spring into action! March garden jobs and tips!


When the sun is shining, there’s no better place to be than in your own garden.

Whether you have a cottage garden, a backyard or several acres, you can make the most of your outdoor space.

Now is the perfect time to give your garden that all-important spring clean. It’s not just indoors that benefits from a bit of TLC this time of year!

And it’s something the whole family can get involved with.

Clean & tidy

🍂 Little ones can pick up any dead leaves and debris left over from autumn and winter.

While older ones can get stuck into the weeding.

Give them a little added incentive, by making it a competition to see who can pull up the most weeds in ten minutes! The winner gets an ice cream!

Weed beds and borders

Make do & mend

🔨 Fix anything that’s broken. Falling fences, the sagging shed roof etc. so everything is safe and in good repair for the coming year.

🖌️ Smarten up and protect fences and sheds with a coat of paint/wood treatment.

🧽 Clean the greenhouse inside and out, if you’re not using it yet.

March garden jobs and tips. Paint sheds and fences

Beds & Borders

🌲 If you haven’t already, add a thick layer of mulch to your beds and borders when the ground is moist.

It suppresses weeds by stopping the daylight from reaching the ground.

Mulch also creates a thermal layer in hot and cold weather and protects plant roots. So while it suppresses weeds, it actually helps your other plants to grow! 🌷

You’ll still need to weed every now and then. But nowhere near as often as if you don’t use a mulch layer!

🌲 Our specially-produced bark chips are great to use on your beds and borders. They aid weed suppression and water retention.

Add a thick layer of mulch to beds and borders

Plant the seed

🍓 Sow sweet peas and plant summer flowers, vegetables, and fruit.

March garden jobs and tips. Sow sweet peas and plant summer flowers, vegetables, and fruit

Lawn Care

🌱 If your lawn is looking a bit worse for wear after winter – DON’T PANIC!!

As the weather warms up in spring, lawns are great at repairing themselves.

We recommend giving lawns spring fertiliser. This will help them bounce back to life and prepare them well for the year ahead.

If any bare areas don’t repair themselves, add a small amount of seed and water it in.

🌱 If you’re laying a new turf lawn this year, spring is a great time to do it.

It’ll have time to establish strong roots and be healthy and strong when you come to use it much more in the summer.

It’s a good idea to add a layer of topsoil before you lay your turf, to keep your new lawn in great condition.

You can buy your turf and topsoil from us here.

Spring is a great time to lay a new turf lawn

Happy Gardening!