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Oakley Turf Farm Compost. Use it in your garden or allotment to see your best yield yet


Improve your garden or allotment soil with compost!


April is a good time to add a layer of compost to your beds, borders and fruit and veg plots. To help you get your best plant and food yields!

Why should you use compost in your garden or allotment?

There are so many benefits to using compost. It:

🌱  Adds nutrients and organic matter to your soil

🌱  Improves fertility and yields

🌱  Increases your soil’s physical structure and its workability

🌱  Aids water and nutrient retention

🌱  Improves weak soils and helps to break down heavy clay soils

Should you buy compost or make your own?

This is really a personal choice and can depend on how much space and time you have!

If you have room in your garden you may want to give over a corner of it for a compost heap or compost bin.

It’s a really handy way to recycle a lot of food, household and garden waste. 


You can add things like:

From the garden: Grass and hedge cuttings, weeds and nettles.

From the house: Teabags, eggshells, fruit and veg peelings, paper and cardboard.


It will take at least a few months before your compost is ready to use so it’s not an instant solution!


You can, of course, buy your compost ready-to-use.

This saves having to have a compost heap or bin in your garden. Which is especially good if you don’t have much space.

You also don’t need to tend to the compost or wait until it’s ready to use. You can collect or have it delivered and use it straight away!

Where can you buy great quality compost in Essex & Suffolk?

Well, as it happens, here at Oakley Turf Farm, we supply a range of fantastic composts, including:

🌱  Compost

🌱  Organic Mushroom Compost 

🌱  Horse Manure

🌱  Farm Yard Manure


Our compost is certified to a high-quality standard and is great for plants, shrubs, fruit and vegetables.

You can buy yours here.

Oakley Turf Farm Compost. Use it in your garden or allotment to see your best yield yet


🌱  We’d love to see your photos of your plants grown with Oakley Turf Farm soil improvers! You can email them to us or leave us a review or tag us on our social media pages.

Happy Gardening!