Compost Bulk Bag

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Main Benefits

  • Our compost improves the soil’s ability to hold and deliver much-needed nutrients.
  • Great for plants, shrubs and vegetable plots.

Our finest grade compost product that can be used as either a soil improver or a mulch.  It supplies the soil with valuable organic matter that helps release nutrients to plants and suppresses soil borne diseases.  It is great for using on bare planting areas, vegetable patches, established planting areas, borders, and around trees. It is also a great weed suppressor, it holds moisture in the soil which helps to protect plants.

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  • Screened down to 0 – 10mm
  • Not ideal for using in raised beds or pots on its own, you should always combine with a TOPSOIL.
  • It has a neutral to alkaline pH that makes it less suitable for ericaceous species such as rhododendron, azalea, pieris, and heathers.


Certified by NSF-CMI Limited to PAS100 2011 and the Quality Compost Protocol 2007.

Size of Bulk Bag and Coverage

Size: Bulk Bag (75cm x 85cm x 95cm) 0.6 of a Cubic Metre or 600 Litres

Coverage: Each bulk bag will cover approximately 15m2 at a depth of 50mm.

Sold by the bulk bag. Bags are approx 400kg  in weight.

Delivery Information

Oakley’s Compost is delivered in large bulk bags which are either craned off our lorry or lifted using a forklift “moffett” on to your property. Bags will be positioned as close to your garden as the driver can safely do so. Bulk Bags are a great way of reducing the mess created by having compost delivered loose. Please note, we group our deliveries together by size and location so we can not always guarantee you will receive your delivery by a crane or forklift. If you have a specific delivery requirement please contact us when you place your order.

We deliver to gardens, allotments and development sites throughout Essex and Suffolk. If you are just outside of our delivery area please contact our office on 01255 886096 to see if delivery is possible.

Large Bulk deliveries are available of this product. Please contact our office on 01255 886096 for more details.