Organic Mushroom Compost

£89.80 inc. VAT

  • Our Mushroom Compost is a great way of adding rich organic matter to your soil.
  • It can improve weak soils, help break down heavy clay soils and improve water and nutrient retention.
  • Our mushroom compost is a mix of composted agricultural straw and rotted manure and is easy to spread and work with.
  • Perfect for planting, vegetables and mulching.
  • Delivered in 600 litre bulk bags.
  • For general use, we recommend spreading a 50mm layer of Mushroom Compost over the area to be treated, before forking or rotavating it into the soil.

Delivery: Oakley’s Organic Mushroom Compost is delivered in large bulk bags which are either craned off our lorry or lifted using a forklift “moffett” on to your property. Bags will be positioned as close to your garden as the driver can safely do so. Bulk Bags are a great way of reducing the mess created by having compost delivered loose. Please note, we group our deliveries together by size and location so we can not always guarantee you will receive your delivery by a crane or forklift. If you have a specific delivery requirement please contact us when you place your order.




The Benefits of our Mushroom Compost:
• Packed full of nutrient goodness!
• Increases your soil’s physical structure
• Increases the level of organic material in your soil
• Very economical

Size: Bulk Bag (75cm x 85cm x 95cm) 0.6 of a Cubic Metre or 600 litres