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Keep The Nutrition Going


As the winter season is upon us, I wanted to share ways of keeping the nutrition in your soil during the winter months.  Nutrients are crucial to the health of your garden. Luckily here at Oakley Turf Farm we have some great soil improvers, and mulches to help keep your soil in tip top condition, ready for spring time.

Here are some tips to help you maintain the nutrient levels in your soil during the cold season:

Apply compost: compost is a great source of organic matter that can provide your soil with the necessary nutrients during winter. Applying compost in the winter will give it enough time to break down and release nutrients into the soil.

If you have acidic soil our organic mushroom compost is a great way of adding rich organic matter to your soil. It can improve weak soils, help break down heavy clay soils and improve water and nutrient retention.  Due to its ph being alkaline it also works well with flowers, vegetables, herbs and shrubs, as well as being totally organic.

Sometimes gardeners find their best growth and highest yields stems from adding manure to their compost/soil mix. Animal by-products not only add essential minerals, but  also a wide array of helpful bacteria to your garden.

Another simple way of adding nutrients to your garden is of course through creating your own compost from kitchen scraps, grass clippings, cardboard, etc. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, through creating a wormery.