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Which gardening jobs can you do in March in the UK? See Kieran’s Gardening Tips & Advice for March.

Which gardening jobs can you do in March in the UK? See Kieran's Gardening Tips & Jobs for March.


Which gardening jobs can you do in March in the UK? Find out with Kieran’s Gardening Tips & Jobs for March.

Spring is nearly upon us!


I love this time of year – seeing all the colour in the garden from the spring flowers, the sense of new beginnings…


And of course, it’s the time of year when we start to mow our lawns again (always a time for celebration if you ask us)! 🥳💪


On that note, if you’re excited about letting your mower loose, remember these tips before you start:

Before you mow!

✅ Sharpen the mower blade to ensure a clean cut (or have your local mower repair company do it for you)

✅ While you’re under there remove any old grass still stuck underneath from last year

✅ Keep the blades on a high setting for the first couple of cuts


service lawnmower


So that’s a couple of jobs to be done in March.

But there’s plenty more you can be doing in the garden this month.

Here are my top Gardening Jobs for March:

🥀 Deadhead spring bulbs when they’ve finished flowering

🌲 Weed beds, borders & pots & add a bark mulch to suppress future weeds

🌱 Add a layer of fresh compost to containers to provide fresh nutrients. (Remove the top few centimetres of old compost first)

🌺 Re-pot any container plants that have outgrown their current pots

💩 Weed your vegetable beds then treat them to a layer of compost or manure to ensure a bumper crop this year

🥬 Plant veg such as shallots, onions, potatoes, broad beans, spinach, lettuce, cabbage & cauliflower. There’s nothing like home-grown food!

🌷 Plant daffodils, snowdrops & tulips – they’re great spring flowers & so easy to grow

🌻 Plant summer-flowering bulbs for ongoing colour

🌹 Prune roses & other shrubs to ensure good growth this year

✨ Have a good tidy up around the garden to get it looking as nice as possible & make your life easier in the long run!


And don’t forget to stop now & then, grab a cuppa & take in the spring colours around your garden.

Life’s too short for it to be all work & no play!


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Happy Gardening!