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Wondering how to lay turf for a fabulous new lawn? Don’t risk turf troubles – read our handy guide here!

How to lay turf



How to lay turf for a fabulous new lawn!


So you’re taking the plunge & investing in a new lawn! Exciting stuff!!

Although it’s a fairly simple job, there are a few things to consider.

Which type of turf do you need?

There are several types of turf & you should choose yours depending on how you plan to use your garden.

Read our blog to help you decide which you need.

And if you’re unsure, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you!

You can see our turf here.

When is the best time to lay turf?

The good news is that you can lay turf at any time of the year.

But it’s much easier on you when the weather is fine and the ground isn’t too hard!

What do you need to do before you lay your turf?

As with many things, preparation is key, so don’t get tempted to rush the prep!

🌱 Clear the surface of the area you are going to turf as much as possible. Remove rocks, stones & plant matter (especially weeds!).

🌱 Dig over or rotovate the area. Again, remove rocks, stones & plant matter.

🌱 Rake the area to level it.

🌱 Firm the area by walking over it with your feet close together (known as the Gardeners’ Shuffle!).

🌱 Rake again to level & perform your best shuffle again!


Read our blog, How To Prepare For Laying Turf for more information.

Take your time with the preparation!


When should you have your turf delivered?

Ideally, you should have your turf delivered the same day you’re going to lay it.

Once cut & on the pallet, it generally has a shelf life of 24 hours AT THE MOST.

In the height of summer, it will be far less.

You’ve got your turf, now what do you do with it?!

It’s easy to think you can just unroll your turf in any old fashion! But there are a few ‘rules’ you should follow for best results:

🌱 Use laying boards (or similar) to avoid damaging your new turf.

🌱 Start laying the turf along a straight edge, laying the rolls in a brickwork pattern.

🌱 Push the ends & edges close together – remember to PUSH, not PULL as this will damage the turf! (If the rolls don’t fit together perfectly, you can fill any gaps with soil).

🌱 Gently press the turf into the soil beneath. Using a piece of wood for this is helpful!

🌱 If you need to cut the turf, use a saw, lawn edger or long sharp knife.

🌱 When you’re finished, if there are any exposed edges, sprinkle a layer of soil over them. This stops them from drying out & you can remove it once the turf has established.

When ‘joining’ your turf rolls, remember to push not pull!


How should you look after your new turf lawn?

After all that hard work, caring for your new lawn to keep it in the best condition is really important!

🌱 Once you laid your turf, water it until the water soaks through to the soil beneath.

🌱 Remember not to use your lawn for several weeks, except to water it.

🌱 Over the next 1-2 weeks, if it doesn’t rain, you’ll need to water your lawn every day. In the evening is best, when it’s cooler.

🌱 After a couple of weeks, check your lawn to make sure the turf has established (rooted). To do this, lift a corner and check that the roots have grown into the soil underneath the turf.

🌱 Once your grass has established you can give it its’ first cut. Remember to keep the mower blade high to avoid damaging the grass.

Make sure your new grass gets plenty of water!


We hope this guide helps you! Please feel free to share it with anyone it might help!

Happy Gardening!