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Laying new turf this year? How to choose which type of turf you need for your garden.

which type of turf do you need

Laying new turf this year? How to choose which type of turf you need for your garden.


Spring will soon be on its’ way and it’s the time of year that many people will be starting to think about laying new turf.

When you’re choosing new turf it’s important to make sure you buy the right type for you and your garden.

Which type of turf do you need?

There are several varieties available and the one best suited to you can depend on factors such as:

  • How you will use your lawn i.e. ornamental, family garden, games and sports
  • The type of weather in your area

Luckily for you, here at Oakley Turf, we supply four varieties of turf to meet all our customers’ needs!

Whether you want an ornamental lawn or one that will withstand heavy use by all the family, we’ve got what you need!

The Oakley Turf Guide

Here’s a quick guide to the types of turf we supply:

Ornamental Turf

As you would expect from the name, Ornamental Turf isn’t suitable for family lawns!

🌱 It contains fine fescues, smooth stalked meadow grass and fine bents.

🌱 These are all grasses that cope well with frequent mowing and care.

🌱 Specially grown to a high grade

🌱 Often chosen by Professionals for fine ornamental lawns, golf courses and bowling greens.

ornamental turf
Ornamental Turf

Golf and Bowling Green Turf

Golf and Bowling Green Turf contains a mixture of durable fescue and bentgrasses.

🌱 These are capable of tolerating a high care programme and close cutting.

🌱 Developed to the highest standard over many years, this turf is grown in light, sandy loam soil.

🌱 Independent testing ensures it meets the high standards expected by professional greenkeepers.

Golf & Bowling Green Turf

Hard Wearing Garden Turf

Being made up of an incredibly robust mix of grasses, our Hard Wearing Garden Turf is easy to maintain.

🌱 It’s been designed to cope with dry conditions and partial shade.

🌱 Ideal for high-traffic areas such as family gardens, football pitches and rugby fields.

🌱 Having a deep rooting system means it needs less moisture. This helps to make it future-proof for use in areas where hosepipe bans are common or rainwater is scarce.

Hard-Wearing Garden Turf

Family Garden Turf

We grow our premium Family Garden Turf from the finest fescues, bents and dwarf rye seeds.

🌱 This is a special mix that we developed over 20 years, resulting in a lush green, high-quality lawn.

🌱 This tough turf is durable enough to withstand lots of use by children and pets!

🌱 It can be laid at any time of year and used for a wide range of garden and landscaping projects as well as sports pitches.

Family Garden Turf


Whatever your turf needs, or if you’re unsure which type you need, call us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you!


And don’t forget, if you’re not sure how much turf you need to order, you can use our handy Turf Calculator.

Happy Gardening!