Fine Border Bark

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Oakley Turf Farm offer value for money, multi-purpose Border Bark. This Bark is great for customers who prefer much finer bark mulch. You can use our Border Bark for a whole range of garden uses and is available all year round.

Delivery:  Oakley’s Fine Border Bark is delivered in large bulk bags which are either craned off our lorry or lifted using a forklift “moffett” on to your property. Bags will be positioned as close to your garden as the driver can safely do so. Bulk Bags are a great way of reducing the mess created by having bark delivered loose. Please note, we group our deliveries together by size and location so we can not always guarantee you will receive your delivery by a crane or forklift. If you have a specific delivery requirement please contact us when you place your order. 

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Fine Border Bark. 15-40mm. A dense chipped bark suitable for general garden and landscape projects. Our most economical bark.

Size: Bulk Bag (75cm x 85cm x 95cm) 0.6 of a Cubic Metre or 600 Litres

Uses: Ground cover, weed suppression, water retention

Coverage: Each bag will cover approximately 25m2 at a depth of 25 mm

Large Bulk deliveries are available of this product. Please contact our office for more details.

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