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Get the kids gardening!


Get the kids gardening! It’s not just for grown-ups!


It’s so rewarding to pass on your skills, knowledge & passion for something to your children or grandchildren.

And what better than gardening?


Show the kids that they can grow their own flowers, plants, fruit & veg.

Then show them HOW to do it & let them loose!

Give them their own special plot in the garden or allotment to grow whatever they choose.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden. A balcony, windowsill or patio is great for growing in pots & containers.

Get them excited about spending a few hours a week outdoors & away from technology at the weekends. And especially in the upcoming summer holidays!


The fruits of their labours!

Kids will love watching their plants grow, caring for them & seeing the end results.

Being able to collect a posy of their very own flowers to give to mum or grandma.

Pulling up vegetables & helping in the kitchen to prepare them for dinner. Not to mention eating them as part of a family Sunday roast!

Or seeing how much nicer the flower beds look after weeding.

Picking flowers.


You don’t need to be a pro!

It doesn’t matter what level of gardening you enjoy.

Whether it’s growing plants & flowers or fruit & veg for yourself. Or even for taking part in local shows & competitions.

There will be so much you can pass on to children that they will enjoy.

Pass on your knowledge.


All the gear!

Kit them out with their own set of tools, gardening gloves & wellies. As well as pots, containers & plant markers.

Having their own gear will make it more exciting for them.


More than growing!

It’s great fun to grow things such as pumpkins 🎃 for Halloween that the kids can carve.

But there’s so much more they can do in the garden.

🦔 Bird boxes, bug, butterfly & bee hotels, hedgehog houses…

Children will love watching the wildlife come & go.

You can buy them ready-to-use or ready-made to paint & decorate.

Or have even more fun by making your own together!

Bug hotel.



📖 Borrow from your local library, or buy, some nature books. See what might be lurking in your garden or near where you live.

Then go on a nature ramble together to see what you find.


🌹 Arrange their flowers in vases to display for the family.


🌱 Make a mini garden in a seed tray or container.



Everyone needs a hobby & gardening is a brilliant one – no matter how old you are!

And it’s a great hobby to pass on to children.

It gets them outdoors, helps keep them healthy, shows what they can achieve with a little work, care & patience… the list goes on!

Another bonus is that it won’t cost you much! 🥳

And who knows where it might lead? You could have the next Alan Titchmarsh, Carol Klein or Monty Don in the making!

Happy Gardening!