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What is the best way to look after your lawn in the summer? Leave it alone, relax and enjoy your garden!

how to look after your lawn in summer


The best way to look after your lawn in summer?

Leave it alone!


As much as we love the summer, it puts our lawns under pressure.

The heat from the sun and less rainfall take their toll.


And that’s before we even get to how much more we USE our lawns in the summer!

What’s the best way to look after your lawn in summer?

Well, the best thing you can do is…


It makes sense that your lawn will be dry and not looking its best at the moment.

It’s tempting to try and revive a tired-looking lawn at first sight of it. But it’s best for your grass to let nature take its course and wait until autumn before you get to work on it.

That way you’ll have the cooler, wetter weather on your side!

So what can you do?

🌱 You can mow your lawn around once a week. Set your mower blade high (about 5-10cm) and make sure it’s sharp.

🌱 Add a summer feed if you wish. Try to do it just before rain is forecast so it gets washed right down to the roots.

🌱 Reseed any bare patches. If the patches are large you can dig them out and replace them with new turf.

🌱 Don’t forget to water a few times a day!

🌱 Keep the edges tidy using long-handled shears.

🌱 If you can, it’s good to move toys and garden furniture around regularly. This helps to keep the grass underneath them in better condition.


And as we said above, RELAX! It’s summer, so enjoy it! 😃

Happy Gardening!