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Kieran’s Garden Tips for April

Garden tips for April

April means spring has sprung officially and we can make sure our gardens are ready to be enjoyed in the summer, so here are Kieran’s top garden tips for April

So what can you do now?

  • Order some summer bedding and hanging plants online!
  • Check your planters aren’t drying out! As it warms up the soil moisture will quickly change so keep an eye on these.
  • Lift and Divide any Perennial Plants, This will create new plants for your garden. (perennial plants are plants that live for 2 or more years)
  • Feed Trees and Shrubs.
  • Check and tie back any tree ties or tie any climbing roses.
  • Deadhead the daffodils and tulips


  • Now is a great time to sow lawn seed if you have patchy areas.  Just remember to keep the soil moist while it germinates.
  • Lay new turf.  It’s a great time to make the lawn greener, do remember to water it and keep it moist until it is established. If you lay in April you should expect your lawn to be good in 2-3 weeks
  • Apply a lawn dressing or fertiliser – see our lawn dressing here
  • Mow your lawn!  But remember not to cut too short
  • Aerate the compacted areas with a garden fork

Happy Gardening!  

We hope you enjoyed our garden tips for April.

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