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How to edge a Lawn

Do you ever find that you mow your lawn but it just doesn’t seem to look that smart?


Those bits that grow up and the mower won’t get near it and the strimmer keeps breaking when you try?


If you take some time to defining the edges of the law it will:

🌟 make mowing easier 

🌟 Help to separate borders from the lawn

🌟create a smart appearance. 


Here is our Quick Transform Your Lawn Guide to get your edging right!


It’s easy to transform a lawn simply by taking some time to tidy the edges properly

Do this once a year and your lawn will look so much better.


Tools you will need are:


Lawn edging shears! (Long handled are best)

Half Moon Edging Iron or Garden Spade.


Step 1 – Map out where you will edge

Use a plank of wood to help you stay in a straight line.  If you want it to be curvy, lay the hose on where you want to go.  


Step 2  – Start to cut the edge

Take the Half Moon Iron and cut.  Keep it straight at 90 degrees to the lawn so you get a crisp edge, go down as far as the footplate as a guide to keep it all the same depth 4-6 inches.  This will cut through any roots that are trying to spread and help to keep your borders free from stray grass.


Step 3  – Maintain

If you are edging for a garden border, a layer of fine border bark on your beds will make it look clean and tidy.  If you need something more permanent you can look into edging that is plastic or metal to separate lawn and garden beds. 


Ideally, address the edges every time you mow with shears and strimmer and repeat with the half-moon iron or shovel at least once a year.


Do this as not only a great way to make your lawn look neater and tidy. It will add value to your property and garden fast and free.


Providing the root barrier will save lots of time weeding your beds and it will pay off. (not to mention it’s a great workout!)


 Let us know how you get on.


If you need more support get in touch. If you are looking to edge with bark or decorative chips have a look at the ranger we provide throughout Essex and Suffolk.