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horticultural dreams. plan, design and create your dream garden


Horticultural dreams – plan design and create your dream garden.

You can see your new garden in your head. Now release your inner Alan Titchmarsh!


Do you find that a new year is like spring in that it gives you the enthusiasm to start a new project?


If your New Year’s Resolution for next year will be to sort out your garden then I hope this months’ blog will help you.


If you’re stuck for inspiration, let us give you some ideas!


You don’t have to be a professional to design your garden and give it a fabulous makeover!


You may not be using your garden much at the moment, but it’s a great time to plan ahead for what you can do out there next year.


And by planning now, you’ll be ready to go when the weather warms up. So there’ll be no excuses for not doing it!

Plan ahead

Start by thinking about and writing down what you’d like in your garden.

  • Plant types (flowering, evergreen etc)
  • Plant species
  • Which colours
  • Fragrances

Maybe there’s a particular spot in your garden that always seems messy that you’d like to smarten up.

Or you might want to add a seating or barbecue area.

Top Tips:

  1. Ferns are a great plant for shady spots as they like the darker, damper conditions.
  2. Aggregates are a top all-rounder for adding interest through texture and colour. You can use them to create a rockery, on pathways, to brighten up borders, the list goes on…
  3. Creating a play area for the kids with soft and safe surfaces is a really good idea. They have somewhere of their own to play and your lawn stays in one piece!


Drawn out

Next, sketch a plan of how you’d like your garden to look, what you’d like where etc.

You can use a vision board to do this too – use pictures from magazines to show what you like.

This can be really helpful. You might have ideas in your head of what you want. But magazines and books are sure to give you fresh ideas that you hadn’t thought of!

There are lots of free garden design apps you could use too.

List it

So you know what you want to do in your new-look garden. Now make a list of everything you’ll need – materials, plants, seeds, compost, turf, aggregates etc.

If you’re planning a large-scale, longer-term, project make separate lists for different areas. That way, you can break up the project into smaller tasks.

This will help make it less overwhelming and will also help you to budget for each task and area.

You might be able to get all you need from your local garden centre. But if not, it might be helpful to add to your list where you’ll buy different items from. Which companies, shops or websites. This will make it easier and quicker when you come to buy everything.


I hope this helps you plan your dream garden!


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Happy Gardening!