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Prepare your garden for winter!

How to prepare your garden for winter

Prepare your garden for winter!


The days are getting shorter and the weather’s getting colder…

As we dig out our winter woollies it’s a sign that some parts of the garden need a bit of extra warmth too!

So it’s time to think about preparing your garden for the winter.


Here are our top tips for getting your garden (and house!) winter-ready:

Tend to plants

Before the frost hits, dead-head plants that have finished flowering and prune shrubs.

If you use supports for any of your plants check to see if they need any repairs. If so, do this now before the weather turns.

Put winter warmers on delicate plants!

Not everyone has a greenhouse or space indoors to put delicate plants over the winter.

Protect them with cloches, frost fleece or bubble wrap.

In the greenhouse

Want to grow salads etc over winter? Give them a helping hand to stay warm by fixing a layer of bubble wrap to the interior of your greenhouse.

Get digging

As long as the ground isn’t waterlogged or frosty, dig clay soil beds to improve the soil quality over winter.

You can leave digging sandy soil until spring.

Cover up

If you’re not growing veg over the winter, cover your vegetable patch with weed control fabric, plastic sheet or flat cardboard boxes. This will help to protect the soil and stop it from losing valuable nutrients.

Improve your soil

Dig in to, or spread on top of, your beds a good layer of soil improver such as compost or manure.

Plan ahead

Even as late as November, you can still plant winter-flowering bulbs for colour in January.

Tidy borders, beds and trim hedges

Weed your beds and borders and give hedges a trim to tidy them up before winter.

Safety first

Tidy paths, patios and paving. Remove moss or anything that can become slippery in the frost or snow.

It’s a good idea to keep a bag of Rock Salt to spread on these areas too.

Winter colour

Make sure you’ve still got something to enjoy in the garden over winter. Add evergreen shrubs and winter-flowering plants.

Wash and wax

Check sheds, fences, decking and outdoor furniture for damage and repair if necessary.

It’s a good idea to treat wooden structures and furniture regularly with oil, wax or varnish to protect them from the cold wet weather.

If you have metal or plastic furniture, give it a good wash now to make sure it’s clean to use next spring and summer.

Keep it clean

Clean water butts, gutters and downpipes.

Check gutters and drains aren’t clogged with leaves and debris. Clear them if they are to prevent overflow when the rain comes.

Feed your garden visitors

Food is scarce at this time of year for birds, hedgehogs and lots of other garden visitors.

Put out fat balls, seeds and nuts for birds.

Keep water fresh and check it daily to make sure it’s not frozen.

Cut a small hole at the bottom of a fence to allow hedgehogs in and either buy or make a house for them.

Look to the future

Now is a great time to plan your garden for next year. Sketch a plan of your garden to show what you’d like in it and where.

Then make a list of all the things you’ll need so you’re ready to go next year.

And last but not least – don’t forget the lawn!

Winter can be tough on lawns so give yours a head start.

Scarify your lawn to remove any moss and thatch so the growth isn’t stunted.

Aerate with a garden fork or aerating tool to get air and water deep into the roots.

If you’re going to add a top dressing you can do that now too.

Happy Gardening!