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How to care for your lawn in hot weather ☀️

How to care for your lawn in hot weather


How to care for your lawn in hot weather. ☀️

Now that summer is officially here, the hot sun can start to take its toll on your lawn.

Summer is generally when they get the most use and come under the most stress.

What happens to grass in hot weather?

Grass loses water through its leaves which keeps it cool and fresh to the touch. Hence why dogs lay on the grass to cool themselves on a hot day!

When the weather is really hot the soil dries out. The grass can’t replace the lost water and nutrients through its roots.

This is when it starts to turn brown, dry and patchy.

So what can you do to care for your lawn?

It’s not just watering that can help your lawn in the heat of summer.

There are other things you can do too. Here are our tips:


Let it grow!

Let the grass grow a bit longer than usual by raising the height of your mower blades. The longer grass will provide shade for the soil to stop it drying out.

The best time to cut grass is early-mid morning or late afternoon.

If you’re only cutting a small amount off the top of your grass you can leave the box off your mower. Leave the cuttings on the grass and they will act as a mulch for the soil.

**Be careful not to let the clippings build up on the grass too much as it can cause damage.**


Keep it tidy!

Clear away toys, paddling pools etc when you’re not using them.

Move garden furniture to different spots a couple of times a week.

This allows transpiration (when the grass loses water through its leaves).


Give it some TLC!

If you want to give your lawn some extra nourishment you can apply a summer lawn treatment.


Keep off the grass!

If you’ve got a patio or decking area, try to use them instead of the lawn as much as possible.


Only water if you NEED to!

Well-established lawns (over a year old) can survive hot weather without watering.

The grass will naturally repair itself after rainfall.

If you have a younger lawn or newly-laid turf it’s a good idea to keep it watered as the roots are still establishing.

Water in the early morning or late evening.

If you can, try to use water from your water butt rather than from the house tap.

If you are going to use a hosepipe, make sure there isn’t a ban in your area first!


Hope this helps!


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Happy Gardening!