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Kieran’s Garden Advice – February

Much of what you can do in February will depend on the type of winter weather we are experiencing. If there is 3 feet of snow on the ground then concentrate on keeping warm and working on your snowman building. On the other hand if it turns out to be a relatively dry and mild month there are jobs that can be done.

  • Aerating. As we covered in January, too much use of a lawn through the winter such as walking backwards and forwards, kids playing, pets wandering about all help to compact the soil. This will then prevent rain water from draining properly and can seriously stunt the lawns growth. The simplest thing you can do do is to spike or aerate the ground. This will improve drainage and prevent wet muddy areas forming. Try using a hollow tine aerator to remove thin plugs of soil. Or you can spike the grpund with a garden fork down about 15cm/6″ deep. After spiking a few square metres, brush a dressing of sharp sand into the holes and spread a top dressing to help the grass root in the spring. Remember to use only sharp sand and never builder’s sand for this. This should only be done if weather conditions are mild and dry. Some years it may worth waiting till March.
  • Scarifying. If conditions are mild and dry now is a good time to scarify your lawn. There are plenty of tools you can hire or buy for this but a nice soft rake can work just as well. Remove any moss or thatch that has built up and allow your lawn to breathe. You may not see the benefit of this straight away but come spring your lawn will thrive.

I hope you find this advice helpful and stay tuned for more monthly lawn care tips.

Kieran Phelan