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Autumn Gardening Jobs in the UK!

autumn gardening jobs in the UK

Autumn Gardening Jobs!


As the nights start to draw in and the days get shorter, some of us might not think about gardening so much!


And while autumn is the perfect time to enjoy a hot chocolate, or something slightly stronger, from the comfort of your favourite armchair of an evening…

It’s also the perfect time to spend a few days doing some pre-winter jobs in the garden.


Here are our top tips for autumn gardening jobs:


🍂 Keep your lawn tidy!

Rake fallen leaves and debris from your lawn regularly.

This ensures that light and air can still get to your lawn and keep it in good condition.

autumn gardening jobs rake leaves from lawn
Rake leaves from your lawn.


🌹 Add compost or manure to beds and borders

Clear away any weeds and dead annuals.

Add a layer of compost or manure.

There’s no need to dig it in – the worms will take care of that for you over the winter!

autumn gardening jobs add compost or manure to beds and borders
Add compost or manure to beds and borders.


🌱 Scarify and aerate your lawn

Rake away dead grass, moss and weeds.

Aerate your lawn if you think it needs doing. It encourages the grass’s roots to grow deeper, which will give you a healthier, stronger lawn.

Fill in any bare patches with topsoil, seed or new turf if the patches are large!

Now is also a good time to give your lawn an autumn feed.

autumn gardening jobs scarify and aerate your lawn
Scarify and aerate your lawn.


🦔 Provide shelter for insects and hedgehogs to hibernate

Just like worms, animals such as hedgehogs and insects are really helpful in the garden. So it’s great to encourage them!

Hedgehogs will love a pile of leaves and twigs in a sheltered place where they can hibernate. Under the shed is a great spot. Or if you’re feeling flashy, you could make your own hedgehog house!

As well as leaves and twigs, log piles are great for insects and invertebrates.

autumn gardening jobs provide shelter for hedgehogs and insects to hibernate
Provide shelter for hedgehogs and insects to hibernate.


🔨 Check fences, sheds and greenhouses and make any repairs

Before the wet and windy weather sets in, check your fences, shed and greenhouse for damage. Make any repairs before they get worse!

autumn gardening jobs repair fences, sheds and greenhouses
Check fences, sheds and greenhouses and make any repairs.


🌱 Lay a new turf lawn

Autumn is the perfect time to lay a new turf lawn. So if you’ve been thinking of doing it, do it now!

Prepare the area well and lay your turf the same day it’s delivered.

Read our blog on how to lay new turf for tips and advice.

autumn gardening jobs lay a new turf lawn
Lay a new turf lawn.



Between doing your autumn jobs, don’t forget to stop, look around, and enjoy it!

The changing colours and the leaves falling to the ground (even if you have got to rake them up afterwards!) are a sight to behold.

Happy Gardening!