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Kieran’s Garden Tips for February


Here are Kieran’s garden tips for February!


If there’s enough snow on the ground then definitely build a snowman or two! As well as being fun it’ll help your lawn by not letting the snow sit on it for too long.


But if there’s no snow and the ground isn’t too wet, now is a great time to aerate and scarify your lawn to keep it looking its best.



If the soil under your lawn becomes compacted, the rainwater won’t be able to drain properly and fresh oxygen won’t reach the turf.

This can damage the lawn as the grass will grow much slower and thin out.

Spiking or aerating the ground will improve drainage and allow oxygen to reach the grass.

You can use a hollow-tine aerator which will remove thin plugs of soil.

If you don’t have an aerator you can use a garden fork to spike holes in the ground. Push down to a depth of about 15cm / 6 inches.


Once you’ve covered a few square metres, brush a sharp sand dressing (NEVER builders’ sand!) into the holes you’ve made then spread a top dressing over to help the roots in the spring.


Only do this if the weather is mild and dry. If it’s still quite wet it might be best to wait until March.



Scarifying is the process of removing moss or thatch build-up from your lawn to allow it to breathe.

If the weather is mild and dry, now is a good time to do this.

You can hire or buy scarifying tools, or you can use a soft rake to gently remove the thatch.

Results might not be immediate but in the spring you’ll really see the benefits of having done it!



Of course, there are always other jobs to do in the garden aswell!

  • Prune some shrubs and climbers such as clematis, buddleia, hydrangea and roses
  • Plant bulbs for summer flowers
  • Sow sweet peas


And keep your eyes open for daffodils and snowdrops starting to come up, for the start of the spring displays!

Happy Gardening!