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It’s that time of year when gardening isn’t really on people’s to-do lists!

It’s easy to forget about it when you’re spending more time indoors than usual!


But there’s still plenty you can be doing in the garden now.


It’s great for you and your garden to get out there, even if it’s only for a short time each week!

You can keep your garden tidy and your lawn in good condition ready for the summer, and keep yourself active and healthy!


It’s great for the mind too – a scientifically-proven way to stay happy!

  • The Mycobacterium vaccae inhaled when gardening increases serotonin and norepinephrine levels, making us feel happy
  • Sunshine increases our all-important Vitamin D levels
  • The colour green is linked to good health and nature


Ok, even if you don’t fancy gardening, it’s still great to get outside for some fresh air! So wrap up warm and get out for a nice walk to Beat the Winter Blues!


Here are our top tips for winter gardening!

Lawn Care

You may not be out in the garden or using your lawn much at the moment, but you can still take care of it so it’s in the best possible condition come the spring.

  • Treat your lawn mower to a service and have the blades sharpened. This will keep your mower in good condition and your grass too! Blunt blades won’t cut the grass properly and will leave it bruised and cause it to turn brown or yellow
  • “If it’s still growing, keep mowing!”. Grass will still grow if the temperature is above 5 degrees, so you may still need to cut your grass over the winter. Try to let it dry out as much as possible first though, and keep the blades on a raised setting
  • If there has been a heavy frost or your grass is waterlogged try to stay off it as much as possible. Overuse of a wet lawn can cause a lot of damage
  • Remove fallen leaves and twigs from your lawn. If left on the lawn they can create brown patches and can even spread lawn disease

Get ready for spring and summer!

If this is the year you’re going to give your garden the makeover you’ve been promising, what better time to start than now?!

Doing as much as you can in the garden now will mean that you can relax and enjoy it much more when the warm weather arrives!

  • Now is a great time to plan your garden for the year ahead. You can sketch a plan of what you’d like where and order any seeds, plants or aggregates needed
  • Zones can be created using aggregates and play surfaces, such as:
      • Play areas for the kids or pets, using play bark and sand (for soft-landings!)
      • Feature and low-maintenance areas, using pebbles and stone or slate chippings
  • Repair and paint fences and sheds. Clean the greenhouse, plant pots and equipment ready to use
  • If the ground isn’t frozen, roses can be planted outdoors, as well as some fruit bushes and fruit trees
  • It’s the perfect time to start growing flowering plants from seed indoors, as well as spring and summer veg such as cress, salad leaves and spring onions
  • Prune, tidy and shape bushes, shrubs, grasses and trees

General jobs

  • Harvest winter veg
  • Keep paths and patios safe for use by removing moss and slime that can be slippery. It’s a good idea to keep a stock of rock salt in case you need it on your path, patio or driveway
  • If there has been a heavy snowfall, carefully remove it from hedges and greenhouses etc to avoid damage being caused
  • Weed borders and beds
  • Remember to keep bird feeders and water baths topped up and clean
  • If you have wet and muddy gateways or unmade paths, laying a good layer of bark chippings helps to absorb the water and make them easier and safer to walk on


Happy Gardening!