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Fed up with seeing a lumpy, bumpy, uneven lawn? Find out how you can repair your lawn to make it level and lovely again.

How to repair a lumpy bumpy uneven lawn


Is looking at your lumpy, bumpy, uneven lawn making you feel a bit queasy? Find out how to make it level and lovely again!


Over time, dips and dents can appear on your lawn, that you’ll probably want to put right.

How you fix the problem really depends on the severity.

You might have just a few small dents.

Or larger sunken patches.

Roll with it?

Your first thought might be to use a roller.


While using a roller on your lawn won’t damage the grass first-hand, it will cause the soil underneath to compact.⁠

⁠And compacted soil isn’t good for grass!⁠

⁠To grow and stay strong and healthy, grass needs air from the soil.⁠

⁠Compaction squeezes the air from the soil and stops water from draining into the ground.⁠

⁠So it’s a good idea to only use a roller if you really need to!⁠

So how DO you repair bumps on your lawn?

Well, you have several options, so you can choose the best to suit you and your lawn!

🌱 You can even out your lawn by filling in any small ‘dents’ with a thin layer of topsoil over the grass. ⁠

⁠Don’t worry, the grass will grow through the dressing!⁠

🌱 If the dents are bare of grass you can fill them with soil. Either leave the grass around them to cover the patches or add some grass seed.⁠

🌱 You can remove sunken ‘sod’, level the area underneath with topsoil, add some water then replace the sod. Remember to keep it watered until the roots have re-established in the new soil.

🌱 If you want to fix it in a hurry, you can lay new turf. Just make sure you prepare the area well and remember to water while the roots establish.

Happy Gardening!