Horse Manure

£79.99 inc. VAT

  • Super easy to use and spread
  • No weeds, seeds, pests or pathogens
  • Made from Race Horse manure, horses are fed on a controlled diet.
  • Horse manure compost contains nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, making it ideal for use as a soil conditioner, planting and as a surface mulch.
  • Delivered in easy to use bulk bags
  • For general use, we recommend spreading a 50mm layer of horse manure over the area to be treated, before forking or rotavating it into the soil.



Our Horse manure is produced from stables that use wood shavings for bedding and horses that are fed on a controlled diet. The manure is turned and shredded into a easy to use soil conditioner. It will add nutrients, improves fertility and yields. It will help to improve soil structure and its workability as well as enhancing water holding capacity of the soil

 The Benefits of our Horse Manure Compost:

  • Full of organic matter which makes a perfect soil improver
  • Increases the level of rich organic material in your soil
  • Increases the level of nutrients in your soil
  • Perfect for mulching roses
  • Contains no pests or pathogens