Raised Bed Soil Mix

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New and Improved Formula *

Main Benefits

  • Oakley’s Raised Bed Soil Mix is a perfectly blended  mix of our premium topsoil and compost.
  • The compost provides you with all the lovely nutrients and the topsoil will help retain the moisture and improve the root structure of your plants.
  • Screened down to 10mm and has added grit for drainage.
  • Ratio of 70% topsoil and 30% compost
  • Ideal for raised beds.
  • Dry Stored

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Oakley’s Raised Bed Soil Mix is produced using our own premium Topsoil and Compost. Once Produced our top soil mix is stored under cover giving a dry product available throughout the year.

Our Raised Bed Soil Mix is great for raised beds, allotments, vegetable plots, planting schemes, perennials, vegetables and rootball trees. It’s also perfect for improving poor quality areas of your garden. We professionally mix this product for you to save you time and effort. We believe our soil mix is a stunning product and will help you create a garden to be proud of.

  • Our Raised Bed Soil Mix is consistent, clean, safe and traceable.
  • High in nutrients which which will help build a strong root system for your beds/allotments and increase your growth rates (flowers and vegetables).
  • Once produced our Raised Bed Soil Mix is stored under cover giving a dry product available throughout the year.
  • As it is a fully natural product our Raised Bed Soil Mix can contain annual weeds, but these are easily managed using normal weed-control methods.
  • Our Raised Bed Soil Mix is entirely free of contaminated waste, glass or building material residue and is devoid of invasive weeds such as Japanese Knotweed.  It is disease-free and contains no pesticide contamination.
  • Sold by the bulk bag.

*Our new formula has a higher percentage of compost which means the nutrient level is now also higher.

Size of Bulk Bag and Coverage

Size: Bulk Bag (75cm x 85cm x 95cm) 0.6 of a Cubic Metre or 600 litres

Coverage: Each bag will cover approximately 25m2 at a depth of 25mm

Sold by the bulk bag. Bags are approx 800kg  in weight.

Delivery Information

Oakley’s Raised Bed Soil Mix is delivered in large bulk bags which are either craned off our lorry or lifted using a forklift “moffett” on to your property. Bags will be positioned as close to your garden as the driver can safely do so. Bulk Bags are a great way of reducing the mess created by having soil delivered loose. Please note, we group our deliveries together by size and location so we can not always guarantee you will receive your delivery by a crane or forklift. If you have a specific delivery requirement please contact us when you place your order.

We deliver to gardens, allotments and development sites throughout Essex and Suffolk. If you are just outside of our delivery area please contact our office on 01255 886096 to see if delivery is possible.

Large Bulk deliveries are available of this product. Please contact our office on 01255 886096 for more details.