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Should you cut your grass in winter?

Should you cut your grass in winter?



Should you cut your grass in winter?

It’s pretty much accepted that when the weather gets wet and cold, (and the growing conditions for grass change), you can stop cutting your grass.

And some people look forward to the break! (Although we’re not sure we fully understand that here at Oakley Turf Farm!!😂).

What happens to grass in winter?

The air and soil temperatures cool, and the rate of grass growth slows.

In the depths of winter, grass takes a break and pretty much stops growing altogether!

BUT, here’s some food for thought…

Grass will still grow when the soil temperature is above 5° C.

Hence the Oakley Turf Farm motto…


In late winter/early spring, the grass will spring into action again and start growing. Often so fast that it seems like you can’t keep up with it!

So, if mowing your lawn isn’t your favourite job, enjoy the break over the colder months!

But, if it brightens your week, hang on in there and enjoy mowing your grass until it stops growing for the winter!

How can you care for your lawn in winter?

Although you won’t be using or mowing your lawn much in winter, you can still limit any possible damage.

❄️ It’s inevitable that at some point in winter your grass will have a covering of frost. Try not to walk on it until it’s thawed!

🍂 Gently rake leaves and debris from your lawn.

⛄ Clear any snow from your grass to avoid disease setting in. Sounds like the perfect excuse to build a snowman or two to us!


building a snowman


If you want a brand new, lush green lawn, don’t forget that, as long as the ground isn’t frozen, you can still lay turf in winter!

Happy Winter Gardening!